August 9, 2023
Equities Notice 2023-029

TMX Group

TMX Equity Trading Notice

MOC Eligibility: TSX Venture Symbols - CNC, CRE, FL & SGML

Effective Thursday, August 10th, the TSX Venture Exchange is adding the following securities to the TSXV Market on Close (MOC) facility:

CNC - Canada Nickel Company Inc.

CRE - Critical Elements Lithium Corporation

FL - Frontier Lithium Inc.

SGML - Sigma Lithium Corporation

The MOC facility provides equal access and opportunity in setting the closing price; increased price discovery efficiency and reduced volatility of the closing price for symbols eligible for the MOC facility. The MOC facility includes constituents of industry-recognized indices as well as certain symbols that are MOC-eligible based on participant demand and feedback.