Advisory Committees

TSX Venture Exchange has established four Local Advisory Committees (LAC) and a National Advisory Committee (NAC) to provide advice and recommendations to the Exchange on all policy, operational and strategic issues that are likely to have a significant impact on the public venture capital market and the role of the Exchange. The Committees meet on a quarterly basis.

A LAC has been established for each of Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Québec. The membership of each LAC is comprised of local individuals who have relevant experience and expertise in the public venture capital market.

The NAC is comprised of three members from each of the LACs and essentially serves as an extension of the LACs. The role of the NAC includes further assessing matters discussed by the LACs, assisting the Exchange in both understanding and reconciling different regional views, and assisting the Exchange in taking actions that are responsive to the needs of industry and which take into account regional considerations.

The committees serve in an advisory capacity only and the advice, recommendations and views of each committee are not binding on the Exchange, however, their advice, recommendations and views form an important component of the Exchange's consideration of the relevant issues. The current membership of the LACs and NAC is provided below.

For more information on the advisory committees, contact a committee member. Contact information for the NAC and partial lists of the regional policy advisory committees are provided below.

  • National Advisory Committee
  • B.C. Advisory Committee
  • Alberta Advisory Committee
  • Ontario Advisory Committee
  • Québec Advisory Committee