Closed-End Funds

  • Diversity of products – Over 125 Closed-End Funds (CEFs) are listed on TSX
  • Wide range of exposure – CEFs provide access to all the major asset classes, sectors and many innovative investment strategies
  • Benefits of CEFs – Professionally managed portfolio provides access to alternative and sophisticated strategies, and may also provide the ability to invest in relatively illiquid assets

Closed-End Funds seek to generate income from various sectors, including energy, precious metals, agriculture, infrastructure, real estate and financial services.

There are many different types of funds:

  • Bond
  • Equity
  • Dividend
  • Preferred Share
  • Senior Loan
  • Split Share

Sector Information

Closed-End Funds Listed on TSX

For more information on Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange listed companies, please refer to our Current Market Statistics.

Additional Information

To learn more about listing CEFs on TSX, please contact:

Graham MacKenzie
Managing Director, Exchange Traded Products
+1 416 947-4534