Direct Electronic Access

Approved Participating Organizations and Members may sponsor eligible customers for Direct Electronic Access (‘DEA') for trade execution on TMX marketplaces.

Access to TMX Markets by clients of marketplace participants is permitted under the applicable terms and conditions specified in the TSX and TSXV Rule Books, as well as the TSX Alpha Exchange Trading Policy Manual. It is governed by UMIR and Dealer Member Rules – Provisions Respecting Third-Party Electronic Access to Marketplaces.

As a condition to granting access to TMX markets for DEA clients, Participating Organizations, and Members must:

  • Notify TMX markets' of their DEA client use at the UMIR or Trader ID level;
  • Assume the responsibilities associated with providing such access as prescribed in the Rule Book or Trading Policy Manual

How to Get Connected:

Clients of marketplace participants establishing direct connectivity must be certified by TMX to demonstrate compliance with the designated order entry protocol, and execute the appropriate legal agreement.

Contact a Participating Organization/Member/Subscriber, or a TMX Account Manager to get the process started.

Or read more about your Connectivity options.