Becoming a Member

There are three primary requirements that a firm must meet to become a Participating Organization of Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX), Member of the TSX Venture Exchange or Member of TSX Alpha Exchange:

  1. Must be a member of a self-regulatory organization (SRO). In Canada, IIROC provides this service (
  2. Must have a CDS clearing account; and/or relationship with clearing facilitator. See
  3. Must establish electronic access to TSX and/or TSX Venture Trading Engine

In addition, there are several forms and applications that need to be completed in order to become a Participating Organization. The entire process typically takes 4-6 weeks granted there are no special circumstances.

STEP 1 - Contact a TMX Account Manager to initiate the process.

The Account Manager will guide you through the application process and help with any questions or concerns that arise during the process.

STEP 2 - Complete the necessary forms

Complete a Participating Organization/Member Application & Agreement for each desired marketplace (TSX, TSX Venture Exchange and/or TSX Alpha Exchange)

  • Toronto Stock Exchange Application
  • TSX Venture Exchange Application
  • TSX Alpha Exchange Member Application
  • Toronto Stock Exchange Agreement
  • TSX Venture Exchange Agreement
  • TSX Alpha Exchange Member Agreement

Complete a Personal Information Form for each controlling shareholder owning a stake greater than 20%, director and officer of the company. Original copies along with 2 notarized copies of personal identification are required.

  • Personal Information Form

Pay the applicable Application Fees + HST. Cheques can be made payable to "Toronto Stock Exchange"

  • Toronto Stock Exchange Application Fee
  • TSX Venture Exchange Application Fee
  • TSX Alpha Exchange Member Application Fee

Complete trader applications to register each new trader with TSX/V.

  • TSX Trader Application
  • TSX Venture Trader Application

STEP 3 – Arrange for electronic access to order entry and market data

It is also recommended at this step to review applicable rules including:

TMX marketplaces all offer testing environments designed to improve the customer development and testing experience. To access the test facilities, please contact

Participating Organization Membership Fees

Membership fees for each of TSX, TSXV and Alpha can be found in their respective trading fee schedules.