Growth Opportunities for International Companies
  • Access to Capital – International issuers raised $3.9 billion in equity capital in 2017
  • Global Visibility – A large analyst community covers issuers on both Exchanges, and it is estimated that more than 40% of all trading on the Exchanges originates outside of Canada
  • Tailored & Flexible Listing Criteria – Listing requirements are tailored to companies at varying stages of growth
  • Growth Support – TSXV-listed companies have the potential to graduate to the senior board, TSX, as they grow and mature
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Click here for a list of international companies on TSX and TSXV.

Click here for a list of Israel-related companies on TSX and TSXV.

Listing Information for International Companies

Read the Guide to Listing

2024 Guide to Listing
An introductory guide to the Canadian capital markets, including listing requirements, listing vehicles and sector profiles.

Read the Dual Listing Guide

Dual-Listing Guide
A detailed guide for public companies looking to dual list in our marketplace.


To learn more about listing an International company on TSX/TSXV, please contact:

Yossi Boker
Head, Business Development, Israel

Graham Dallas
Head, Business Development, EMEA
+44 771-776-8879 

Erik Anderson
Head, Capital Formation, Texas and Southern U.S.
+1 347-558-0514 

George Khalife
Vice President, Capital Formation (Midwest US)
+1 773-502-5684

Delilah Panio
Vice President, Capital Formation, Pacific North West U.S., California, Arizona & Austin
+1 310-990-9032