January 26, 2023
Datalinx Notice 2023-001

TMX Group

TMX Product Announcement

TSX ETF Indicative Midpoint & Timestamp Granularity Enhancements

TMX Datalinx is pleased to announce the TSX ETF Indicative Midpoint and TimeStamp Granularity enhancements on select market data feeds, effective May 1, 2023, as described below:


TSX ETF Indicative Midpoint Message Type

This new indicative real time pricing service will include: i) the midpoint between the bid and ask top of book orders on TSX-listed ETFs, ii) a High and Low based on this new midpoint, and iii) a new ETF change based on the midpoint to the TSX Closing Price implemented in September 2021. This new message type will be published every 10 seconds from 7:00 a.m. - 9:27 a.m. and 9:33 a.m. - 3:57 p.m. (all times in ET), where a change occurs.


Timestamp Granularity

Providing enhanced nanosecond trading system timestamp granularity to select message types on the Toronto Stock Exchange, TSX Venture Exchange and TSX Alpha Exchange Quantum Level 1 Feeds (TQL1, VQL1 and AQL1).


Implementation Details

ETF Indicative Midpoint

TimeStamp Granularity

Services Impacted




New Message Type:

‘F' – ETF Derived Price

Updated the following business messages:

‘Trade', ‘Trade Canceled' and ‘Quote' message types - Added the 8-byte ‘Trading System Time Stamp'

GTE Implementation Date (Testing)

January 27, 2023

TQL1, VQL1 - January 27, 2023

AQL1 - March 01, 2023

Production Implementation Date

May 1, 2023

May 1, 2023


Updated specifications and technical details of this change can be found on the TMX Webstore. We recommend that clients use the testing environment to ensure a seamless consumption of data.


For more information regarding this notice, please contact the TMX Datalinx Product team:

Dave Hill - Managing Director, Core Products Dave.Hill@TMX.com

Manik Dhingra- Product Owner, Equities Trading Manik.Dhingra@tmx.com

Emma Moogk - Associate Product Manager, Subscribers Emma.Moogk@TMX.com

Vyasan Pillay - Product Manager, Datafeeds Vyasan.Pillay@TMX.com