TSX MOC Imbalances

At 3:40 pm ET the surplus/demand for Market On Close (MOC) orders on TSX MOC eligible stocks are calculated and published to the marketplace. This interest is published in order to solicit offsetting liquidity and promote fair price discovery at the close. This page contains intra-day information on TSX MOC imbalances, and is intended for use by market participants participating in the TSX MOC program. The MOC Imbalance information appearing on this webpage is also available through vendor workstations connecting to TSX's real-time data feeds.

Market on Close

SymbolImbalance SideImbalance SizeImbalance Reference Price

The table displays the MOC messages for the current trading day. The MOC message is broadcast at 3:40 pm ET (and 4:00 pm for symbols where a PME is necessary) and the CCP, VWAP PME Imbalance Volume and PME Imbalance Side will be displayed at 4:00 pm ET only when a stock has violated the price movement extension parameter.

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