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Exchange Bulletin

Petrus Resources Ltd. (PRQ) To Trade On Toronto Stock Exchange

February 5, 2016

Petrus Resources Ltd. (the “Company”) - An application has been granted for the original listing in the Oil and Gas category of 49,884,112 common shares (“Common Shares”) of which 45,349,192 common shares will be issued and outstanding and 4,534,920 common shares will be reserved for issuance.

Listing of the Common Shares will become effective at 5:01 p.m. on Friday, February 5, 2016. The Common Shares will be posted for trading at the opening on Monday, February 8, 2016. The listing of the Common Shares results from the completion of a plan of arrangement involving, among others, Petrus Resources Ltd. (renamed Petrus Resources Corp.), Petrus Acquisition Corp. (renamed Petrus Resources Ltd.), PhosCan Chemical Corp. (“PhosCan”) and Fox River Resources Corporation, as described in the PhosCan management information circular dated December 17, 2015 (the “Circular”).

Additional information on the Common Shares may be found in the Circular which is available at Capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein are as defined in the Circular.

The Company is subject to the reporting requirements of Section 501 of the TSX Company Manual.

Stock Symbol: "PRQ" CUSIP: 71678F 10 8 Trading Currency: CDN$


Temporary Market Maker: National Bank Financial Inc.
Other Markets: None
Head Office Address: Suite 2400, 240 – 4th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB T2P 4H4
Head Office Telephone Number: (403) 984-4014
Fax Number: (403) 984-2717
Investor Relations Contact: Kevin Adair
Tel: (403) 930-0888

Cheree Stephenson
Tel: (403) 930-0891
Incorporation: The Company was incorporated on November 25, 2015, as “Petrus Acquisition Corp.” pursuant to the Business Corporations Act (Alberta) and on February 2, 2016, its articles were amended to change its name to “Petrus Resources Ltd.”
Fiscal Year End: December 31
Chief Financial Officer: Cheree Stephenson
Corporate Secretary: Peter Verburg
Nature of Business: Following the Arrangement, the Company will be engaged in the exploration for, and the acquisition, development and production of crude oil and natural gas reserves in Alberta.
Transfer Agent & Registrar: Computershare Trust Company of Canada at its principal offices in Calgary and Toronto.
Dividends: The Company has not declared or paid any dividends on its Common Shares since incorporation. Any decision to pay dividends on the Common Shares will be made by the Company’s board of directors on the basis of the Company’s earnings, financial requirements and other conditions existing at the relevant time.
Sponsor: FirstEnergy Capital Corp.