Diversified Industries

Global Leaders in Diversified Industries
  • Communications & Media – Includes companies involved in telecommunications equipment and services, television and radio broadcasting, motion picture/video production, and publishing.
  • Consumer Products & Services – Includes companies with a focus on products and services within the consumer discretionary and consumer staples industries. Companies range from retail, apparel, restaurants, automobiles, drugstores, and household products.
  • Financial Services – Includes traditional banks, trading firms, investment banks, asset managers, investment funds, insurance companies, non-bank lenders, transfer agencies and other providers of financial services.
  • Industrial Products & Services – Includes a wide array of companies involved in heavy industry. Companies range from manufacturing, infrastructure, transportation, capital goods, and commercial services.
  • Real Estate – Includes real estate investment trusts (REITs), real estate operating companies (REOCs), and real estate development & services providers (REDs).
  • Utilities & Pipelines – Includes electrical generation and service utilities as well as gas transportation companies.

Diversified Industries Equity Capital Raised – YTD October 31, 2017

YTD October 2017TSXTSXV
Comm. & Media $180.0 million $4.1 million
Consumer Products & Services $1,322.9 million $66.7 million
Financial Services $6,905.1 million $263.1 million
Industrial Products & Services $7,880.5 million $149.1 million
Real Estate $3,965.0 million $523.7 million
Utilities & Pipelines $4,549.0 million -
Sector Total $24,802.6 million $1,006.7 million

Sector Information

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