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The strength of Toronto Stock Exchange and TSX Venture Exchange is world-class. In 2015, TSX and TSXV continued to surpass a number of Canadian and global benchmarks for listings, market capitalization and trading volumes. The exchanges are significant marketplaces for international capital.


$2.3 trillion
Total Market Capitalization of companies listed on TSX & TSXV
$57.7 billion
Amount of equity capital raised on TSX & TSXV in 2015
$2.6 million
The average financing size on TSXV in 2015
$94.2 million
The average financing size on TSX in 2015



Listed Companies 1,487 1,791
Quoted Market Value $2,299.8B $23.2B
Median Market Capitalization $111.9M $2.3M
Average Market Capitalization $1.5B $12.9M
Total Financings $54.4B $3.3B
Average Financing $94.2M $2.6M
Going Public Activity* 107 87
Graduates from TSXV 9 -

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