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TSX InfoSuite: Enhancements

In a continued effort to support our issuers, TMX is pleased to announce a couple of enhancements to TSX InfoSuite, our complimentary market data and shareholder solution for listed companies.

Regional Quotes Montage - New Historical View

  • In addition to the intraday view, the regional quotes montage now has a historical view with the ability to lookup a custom date range.
  • In addition to the table view, a chart view has been added to both the intraday and historical tab.

TSX InfoSuite

TSX InfoSuite

New - InfoSuite Web

  • InfoSuite Web is now available and can be accessed from the Dashboard or from the IS Streamer tab.
  • InfoSuite web does not require an application download and does not require version updates; simply access it via the web.
  • InfoSuite web is a lighter version of the streamer, but still has many tools and capabilities. We are working towards a complete version of InfoSuite web in the future, where all tools and modules will be available.

TSX InfoSuite

TSX InfoSuite

Web Application - Decommissioned

  • The Web Application was decommissioned on December 31st, 2023
  • If you previously used the Web Application to access TSX InfoSuite, you will need to download the streamer or access it through InfoSuite Web.

If you are a listed company on Toronto Stock Exchange or TSX Venture Exchange and want to inquire about a free account or have general questions about TSX InfoSuite, please contact

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