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InfoSuite mobile apps for iOS and Android - Now Available

TMX is pleased to announce the launch of new iOS and Android mobile applications to improve issuers' TSX InfoSuite mobile experience. The mobile app is a fully synchronized companion to the desktop InfoSuite solution, delivering comprehensive portfolio management and a broad range of financial data, news, and charting to mobile devices. To keep connected to critical financial information, issuers should download the application from Google Play or iTunes

For more information on the mobile experience visit the Mobile Help guide.

For more information on our TSX InfoSuite platform, issuers can write to

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As companies look to take action on their environmental issues, capital may be needed to fund larger-scaled projects for committed environmental change. Companies have been turning to debt issuances for what is being termed as green bonds. Issuing a green bond is an additional way to show commitment to environmental issues to stakeholders. It is likely we'll see growth in the issuance of green, sustainable, and social bonds in Canada, and any flavour can benefit from being traded and listed on our market.

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