Exchange Bulletin

Saturn Oil & Gas Inc. (SOIL, SOIL.WT.A, SOI) To Trade On Toronto Stock Exchange

June 13, 2023

Issuer: Saturn Oil & Gas Inc. (the "Company")

Security:SymbolIssued and Outstanding SecuritiesReserved SecuritiesTrading Currency
Common shares ("Shares") SOIL 138,633,786 49,533,463 CDN$
Warrants ("Series A Warrants") SOIL.WT.A 6,871,000 0 CDN$
Warrants ("Series B Warrants") SOIL.WT.B 13,663,716 0 CDN$
Listing category: Oil and Gas, Exempt Issuer
Listing and posted for trading date: June 15, 2023 (at the opening)
Other market(s): The Shares have been listed on TSX Venture Exchange ("TSXV") in their current form since August 7, 2018 under the symbol "SOIL". The Series A Warrants have been listed on the TSXV since March 18, 2022 under the symbol "SOIL.WT.A". The Series B Warrants have been listed on the TSXV since July 8, 2022 under the symbol "SOIL.WT.B". The aforementioned securities will be delisted from TSXV on June 15, 2023 upon commencement of trading on Toronto Stock Exchange.
The Shares are also listed for trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol "SMKA" and on the OTCQX Best Market under the symbol "OILSF".
Temporary market maker: Citadel Securities Canada ULC
Investor relations: John Jeffrey
Chief Executive Officer
(587) 392-7903
Kevin Smith
VP Corporate Development
(587) 392-7900
Incorporation: Business Corporations Act, 2021 (Saskatchewan)
Fiscal year end: December 31
Nature of business: The Company is a growth-oriented oil and gas company focused on the acquisition and development of undervalued, low risk assets. The Company is involved in the production, exploration and development of its oil and gas assets in Alberta and also in southeast and west-central Saskatchewan.
Transfer agent and registrar: Computershare Trust Company of Canada ("Computershare") at its principal office in Vancouver for the Shares, and at its principal office in Calgary for the Series A Warrants and Series B Warrants.
Dividends: The Company has not declared or paid any dividends on its Shares. Any decision to pay dividends on the Shares in the future will be made by the Board of Directors on the basis of the Company's earnings, financial requirements and other conditions existing at such future time.
Sponsorship: Not applicable
Disclosure document: Annual Information Form dated March 31, 2023, which is available at

Principal terms of the Series A Warrants

Symbol: SOIL.WT.A
Exercise price: $4.00
Expiry: March 10, 2025
Additional information: Warrant indenture dated March 10, 2022 between the Company and Computershare

Principal terms of the Series B Warrants

Symbol: SOIL.WT.B
Exercise price: $3.20
Expiry: July 7, 2023
Additional information: Warrant indenture dated June 8, 2022 between the Company and Computershare.
TSX contact: Anne Child,
Managing Director,
TSX Listings