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Get practical information from market professionals such as regulators, Exchange staff, and industry experts on topics relevant to public companies.

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GPC's Governance Deep-Dives for Public Issuers in Canada

Date: October 22nd 2019

The GPC Public Issuer Governance is designed to tackle the issues that have the greatest impact on overall governance effectiveness for Public Issu...

Trading Fundamentals

Date: October 22nd 2019

Steven Mills, Head of Company Services, Ontario, guides our conversation on trading fundamentals. Speaking first with Victor Ciampini, Senior Manag...

Mining Disclosure - Vancouver

Date: November 5th 2019

Learn the key points for achieving quality technical disclosure for your mining company. If you are involved in preparing or approving technical di...

The Intensive Short Course on the Toronto Stock Exchange and TSXV

Date: November 6th 2019

This unique program offers training focused specifically on the framework and rules of the TSX and TSX-V. Get the working knowledge you need of the...

2019 Excellence in Governance Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner

Date: November 7th 2019

This prestigious event has become the most important annual gathering for the governance community in Canada, for recognizing the contributions of ...